Web Developer

I am a highly skilled Web Developer. I have created award-winning websites. I am a full stack Developer, by my primary skill set is PHP with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

JavaScript Guru

I have spent most of my career writing cross-browser JavaScript. I now mostly focus on AngularJS, jQuery, CSS-3 and HTML5.


Experienced Database architect. I have worked with a lot of Databases, mostly using the Command Line. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQLServer, NoSQL.

Project Manager

I am a certified Scrum Master and have a proven track record in managing Scrum Teams and Project Management.

About Iain White About Iain White

Iain White Back-end Developer

I have been developing back-end / server-side code for over 17 years.

I have mostly developed in PHP, but have also used ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, Perl, Python and Java.

Almost every Web-based application I have worked on has been driven by a database. I have used a varsity of database, but most of my experience has been with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

I have developed ecommerce solution, product catalogues, forums, calendars, storefronts, subscription systems, image galleries and dealer locators.

I have used Test Driven Development (TDD) using PHPUnit and SimpleTest.

I am a full stack developer and I also have excellent front-end development skills.

Back-end Development

Iain White Front-end Developer

I have been writing HTML and CSS for over 17 years. I have used HTML-4, XHTML and HTML5. I have written a lot of CSS, including CSS-3 and have used Sass and Less style-sheet languages.

Due to the amount of JavaScript that I have written, I would consider myself a JavaScript Guru.

I first started developing for the Web when I discovered that JScript in Internet Explorerstrong> was actually different from JavaScriptstrong> in Netscape Navigator. I spent my early years in Web Development creating my own cross-browser JavaScript library, before moving over to 3rd party libraries such as MooTools, Ext, Qooxdoo, BBC Glow, Prototype, Script.aculo.us, React.js, YUI, Underscore.js, Modernizr and finally focusing on jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

I have worked a lot with Google Maps and other Google APIs including Google Visualisation.

I have also used AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, JavaScriptMVC, Knockout, Zurb Foundation, 960 Gird System and Blueprint.

I have used Jasmine and Karma, to do JavaScript TDD (Test Driven Development).

I have always developed full stack, both for the front-end and for the back-end.

Search Engine Optimisation Skills

I have been called on to modify websites to increase visibility on Search Engines.

While at JPC Infonet I was responsible for keeping the tourist portal for Bath city ranked number one in Google ahead of the city’s official site.

My experience has mostly been with organic growth, site performance and correct mark-up.

Front-end Development

Iain White Web Developer

I wrote my first HTML, CSS and JavaScript back in early 1999 and my first PHP based Website later that year.

I have crafted Websites for leading brands including Nike, Proton, Kia and Honda.

Websites I have created have been featured in magazines and won national awards.

Due to the amount of JavaScript that I have written, I would consider myself a JavaScript Guru.

I have always developed full stack, both for the front-end and for the back-end.

I have worked with a varsity if code repositories including Subversion (SVN) and Git.

I have used several IDEs including Netbeans, PHPStorm, WebStrom, IntelliJ IDEA and Homesite+.

I have experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Webmaster Tools and Google AdWords.

Although not a Designer I do have reasonable graphic skills including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks.

I have worked with Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Bamboo with the Selenium test server.

I have set-up and administered Web Servers including Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Nginx.

I have worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

Web Development

Iain White Database Design

I have worked with data and databases all my career.

I am well versed with Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) a Database Management System (DBMS) that is based on the relational model as introduced by E F Codd, of IBM's San Jose Research Laboratory.

I have reasonable DBA (Database Administrator) skills and I am happy working with MySQL and PostgreSQL on the command line.

While at British Aerospace I worked with DEC/VAX RDB an early Relational Database and DEC DATATRIEVE.

I my early career I worked with many PC desktop databases such as dBase, MS Access, Foxpro, InterBase, Paradox and FileMaker Pro.

While working at SMS Nederland I was responsible for updating patient hospital records in DEC/VAX RDB by hand to process monthly billing.

I have worked with Oracle, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Sever, but most of my practical experience has been with MySQL (MariaDB) and PostgreSQL.

I have worked with NoSQL database like Redis and MongoDB and have had some limited exposure to CouchDB and Cassandra.

I have completed many tutorials on data structures, database tuning and performance, NoSQL and Big Data.

While at XVT Solutions I worked with geospatial data using GIS and Cohga Weave.


Iain White Project Manager

I am a Certified Professional Scrum Master and have worked as a Scrum Master while at OnTheHouse and XVT Solutions.

I am a seasoned IT Project Manager / Release Manager / Implementation Manager with over 25 years of solid Web Development experience.

I am very passionate about Agile Software Development and I have practical experience of using Scrum, Kanban, Crystal and Lean Software Development.

I practice the art of the servant leader.

I am proficient at writing technical specifications, business requirements, use cases, application and database design and architecture. Creating Gantt charts, PERT charts and Work Breakdown Structures.

I am knowledgeable of the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and well versed with the Software Engineering and Project Management methodologies like traditional Waterfall, Iterative, JAD (Joint Application Design) and Agile.

I have also been trained in PRINCE2, Six Sigma, ITIL and Lean Software Development.

Project Management

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