A Refreshing Morning Hike at Mount Coot-tha with our Loyal Companion, Lila

Mt Coottha

On a crisp June morning in 2023, my family and I embarked on an unforgettable adventure at Mount Coot-tha, Brisbane, accompanied by our beloved New Zealand Hunterway, Lila. The promise of breathtaking views, invigorating exercise, and quality bonding time with our furry friend filled us with anticipation. We set off on a memorable journey that would leave us with lasting memories and a renewed sense of connection with nature.

The air was filled with the earthy scent of eucalyptus, creating an atmosphere of serenity. Lila, our energetic and adventurous canine companion, wagged her tail in excitement, ready to conquer the trails ahead.

Along the trail, we encountered a myriad of native Australian flora and fauna. Vibrant wildflowers bloomed beside the path, adding splashes of color to the lush greenery.

Our early morning hike at Mount Coot-tha with Lila proved to be a memorable adventure filled with natural beauty, tranquility, and cherished moments as a family. It reminded us of the importance of immersing ourselves in the great outdoors, connecting with nature, and sharing these experiences with our beloved pets. As we made our way back down the trail, the warmth of the sun enveloped us, leaving us with a sense of rejuvenation and gratitude. This hike was a testament to the incredible wonders that await us when we venture into the world, hand in paw, with our faithful companions by our side.