Iain White has been working in the field of IT for over 35 years. He has extensive experience in managing software development teams, and in recent years, has focused on DevOps and cloud infrastructure.

As a Scrum Master, he has led teams that were responsible for the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and design to testing and deployment. This experience has given me a deep understanding of the importance of collaboration and communication in delivering high-quality software products.

In his work with DevOps, he has led teams that have integrated development and operations processes to deliver faster and more reliable software products. He has experience with a range of DevOps tools, including Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. Iain believes that DevOps is not just a set of tools, but a culture that fosters collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement.

In the cloud infrastructure space, Iain has worked with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, among other platforms. He has helped teams to design and implement cloud infrastructure that is secure, scalable, and cost-effective. Iain has experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), using tools such as Terraform and Ansible to automate the creation and management of cloud resources.

One of the key benefits of DevOps and cloud infrastructure is the ability to rapidly iterate and respond to customer needs. By automating testing and deployment, we can deliver new features and fixes to customers quickly and with confidence. By leveraging the scalability and elasticity of cloud infrastructure, we can ensure that our products can handle increasing demand.

If you are looking for an experienced DevOps and cloud infrastructure professional who can help you deliver high-quality software products quickly and reliably, please don’t hesitate to contact Iain White.

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