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May 1995 – Nov 1995The company is no longer tradingBased in the UKContract

System / Database Administrator at EDS Healthcare

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About EDS Healthcare

EDS Healthcare was a prominent provider of IT administration solutions for multiple hospitals in England. With a focus on delivering efficient and reliable IT support, EDS Healthcare aimed at enhancing the healthcare experience and improve operational processes in the healthcare sector.

Iain White System / Database Administrator Work Experience

As a contractor at EDS Healthcare, Iain White held the position of System / Database Administrator. In this role, Iain was responsible for providing IT administration support to multiple hospitals in England.

Duties and Responsibilities

Iain White’s role as a System / Database Administrator at EDS Healthcare involved the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Creating, distributing, and installing MUMPS programs in several hospitals in the South West of England to enhance data management and streamline hospital operations.
  • Configuring and administering MUMPS databases across various platforms, including VAX, UNIX, and PC systems, to ensure efficient and secure data storage and retrieval.
  • Collaborating with hospital staff to identify and address database-related issues, troubleshoot technical problems, and optimise system performance.
  • Implementing backup and recovery strategies to safeguard critical healthcare data and maintain data integrity.
  • Monitoring database performance, analysing usage patterns, and implementing performance tuning measures to improve system efficiency and response times.

Contributions and Achievements

Iain White’s notable achievements as a System / Database Administrator at EDS Healthcare include:

  • Successfully creating and deploying MUMPS programs in multiple hospitals, enhancing data management capabilities and supporting efficient hospital operations.
  • Implementing robust database configurations across different platforms, ensuring data integrity, availability, and security.
  • Collaborating with hospital staff to resolve database-related issues promptly, minimising downtime, and ensuring seamless data access for healthcare professionals.
  • Designing and implementing backup and recovery strategies, safeguarding critical healthcare data and reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Monitoring and optimising database performance, resulting in improved system efficiency and faster response times for healthcare professionals.

These achievements highlight Iain White’s significant contributions to EDS Healthcare, demonstrating their technical expertise in system and database administration and their commitment to optimising IT support for the healthcare sector.