Freelance 2002

Feb 2002 – Sep 1002Based in the UKFreelance

Freelance Web Consultant

Iain White Freelance Web Consultant Work Experience

As a Freelance Web Consultant, Iain White collaborated with local businesses in Bristol, UK, to design and develop their websites, offering expert guidance throughout the process. In addition, Iain had the opportunity to work with WebEurope for a month, where he utilised InterBase and MySQL to create databases and developed PHP-based solutions. To create visually stunning and functional sites, he employed tools such as Dreamweaver MX, HomeSite+, and Fireworks MX. Furthermore, he configured and administered a new Sun RaQ550 web server.

At E3 Media, Iain provided back-end development work for the Kia and Proton websites, projects that he had previously developed during his tenure at TigerRedi. His responsibilities included database design, maintenance, and optimisation, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the websites.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully designed and developed websites for local businesses, resulting in increased online visibility and improved customer engagement. These websites achieved an average increase of 80% in organic traffic within the first six months.
  • Developed custom databases and PHP-based solutions for WebEurope, enhancing data management capabilities and improving overall website functionality.
  • Configured and administered a new Cobalt RaQ550 web server, resulting in improved website performance, faster load times, and enhanced security.
  • Collaborated with E3 Media to provide back-end development work for the Kia and Proton websites, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.

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