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Apr 1996 – Oct 1997Based in the NetherlandsContract

Analyst VAX BASIC Programmer at SMS Nederlands

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About SMS Nederlands

SMS Nederlands was a prominent company based in Utrecht, Netherlands, specialising in hospital administration and patient care software solutions. With a strong presence in the healthcare industry, SMS Nederlands aimed to provide innovative and reliable software solutions to hospitals and healthcare organisations. Their mission was to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient care, and ensure compliance with Dutch regulations.

Iain White Analyst / VAX BASIC Programmer Work Experience

Iain White held a contractor position at SMS Nederlands, serving as an Analyst / VAX BASIC Programmer. In this role, Iain was responsible for providing technical support and development services to hospitals, ensuring the seamless operation of their software systems.

Duties and Responsibilities

As an Analyst / VAX BASIC Programmer at SMS Nederlands, Iain White’s key responsibilities included:

  • Incorporating specific Dutch medical insurance regulations into existing patient billing systems, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Creating and managing patient and billing databases for Dutch hospitals, maintaining data accuracy and security.
  • Enhancing the patient registration process to improve flexibility and efficiency, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Correcting errors and omissions in financial transaction databases manually, ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Developing new General Ledger reporting routines to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, supporting financial decision-making.

Contributions and Achievements

Iain White made significant contributions during their tenure at SMS Nederlands, including the following notable achievements:

  • Incorporated Dutch medical insurance regulations into patient billing systems, ensuring compliance and reducing potential penalties. Ensured compliance with Dutch medical insurance regulations for 100+ hospitals.
  • Created efficient patient and billing databases for Dutch hospitals, enabling streamlined data management and retrieval. Developed and implemented patient and billing databases for 30+ hospitals.
  • Improved the patient registration process, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing data accuracy. Increased patient registration efficiency by 30%.
  • Maintained accurate financial records by meticulously correcting errors and omissions in transaction databases. Ensured 99.9% accuracy in financial transaction records.
  • Developed new General Ledger reporting routines, enabling timely and accurate financial reporting for better decision-making. Reduced financial reporting time by 50%.

These achievements highlight Iain White’s technical proficiency in VAX BASIC programming, their attention to detail, and their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to support hospital operations.