Jun 2000 – Nov 2001The company is no longer tradingBased in the UK

Internet Development Manager at TigerRedi


About TigerRedi

TigerRedi was a prominent web development company based in Bristol, UK. Until the end of 2001, TigerRedi specialised in providing comprehensive web solutions to high-profile clients. With a strong emphasis on technical expertise and innovation, TigerRedi aimed to create visually appealing, user-friendly websites.

Iain White Internet Development Manager Work Experience

As the Internet Development Manager at TigerRedi, Iain White played a vital role in leading the Technical Development Team and overseeing the development and maintenance of websites for esteemed clients. Additionally, Iain was responsible for coordinating the IT requirements of the entire TigerRed Partnership.

Duties and Responsibilities

As the Internet Development Manager at TigerRedi, Iain White had the following key responsibilities:

Project Management and Team Leadership:

  • Led the Technical Development Team, reporting to the director.
  • Established priorities and workflow for the team, ensuring timely project delivery within budget.
  • Collaborated with the Design Team to establish site navigation and the overall look and feel of websites.

Website Development:

  • Designed and developed cross-browser Dynamic HTML (DHTML) components, code libraries, and APIs.
  • Developed databases and server-side scripts, including Content Management Systems (CMS), forums, and image galleries.
  • Hand-coded websites using HTML and JavaScript, utilising technologies such as ASP, PHP, JSP, Perl, Java, and MS Visual Basic as required.
  • Administered both Linux and Windows-based web servers.

IT Coordination:

  • Coordinated the IT requirements for the entire TigerRed Partnership.
  • Ensured teams had the necessary hardware and software for efficient task performance.

Contributions and Achievements

During their tenure at TigerRedi, Iain White achieved notable accomplishments, including:

  • Successfully delivering websites for prestigious clients such as Kia Cars, Proton Cars, Teemo Furniture, Honda UK, and Nike Europe, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic and a notable improvement in user engagement.
  • Implementing SEO strategies that led to a considerable increase in search engine rankings and organic traffic, resulting in an 80% growth.
  • Leading the development of a custom-built web server solution, improving website performance and reducing page load time by 3 minutes.
  • Coordinating an office move, ensuring minimal disruption to the company’s operations and maintaining high client satisfaction.
  • Developing and implementing an email marketing campaign, resulting in a 75% increase in click-through rates and customer conversions.

Some Images from TigerRedi

  • Proton 2000

    Proton 2000

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    Proton 2001

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  • Walking Bus

    Walking Bus

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  • Teemo


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